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    In addition, lapse rate, renewal and employee-paid results are provided for companies that reported this information. Twenty-five carriers participated in the survey.

    single life marketplace

    Below is a summary of the survey results. Download the PDF version for a list of participating companies.

    Thirteen out of 22 companies reported gains. Overall growth may have been impacted by an increase in smaller cases sold year over year. While the number of both new and in-force lives rose year-over-year, the double-digit increase in new sales lives is notable. Looking back as far asthis is the highest increase we have reported on the survey.

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    That being said, this result was influenced by a small number of carriers, and potentially some larger singleton rottweiler activity. As in the past, a small number of companies strongly influenced this result, and some larger case sales may have also played a role.

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    In Our View Group Term Life in-force premium exhibited positive single life marketplace inwith a steady yet modest upswing since The path for new sales premium, however, has been more volatile. Just a few years ago inthe industry posted a slight decline in results.

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    While there is some evidence of larger case activity playing a role this year, sales results as a whole continue to be unpredictable. More than half of the companies reported strong growth year over year.

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    Throughoutnews stories and industry blogs outlined significant changes impacting the insurance sector. InsurTech companies are already challenging deep-rooted business models and creating new partnerships. Market demographics are shifting, with single life marketplace Pew Research Center announcing that millennials are on the cusp of becoming the largest living adult generation in the U.

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    According to our Market Pulse, an additional Market Survey segment covering distribution details, some companies are concerned with marketing opportunities, competitiveness of pricing and the level of distribution activity as we move forward in In closing, while was a good year for the Group Term Life market, there are some headwinds facing the industry.

    As always, Gen Re will work with our clients, as well as the industry, to effectively and consistently monitor this business.

    These women are either in the process of becoming mothers, or have attained motherhood, with the help of the assisted reproductive technologies ART industry. In the mid-nineties, the fledgling ART industry sought to serve heterosexual couples in preferably long-term committed relationships that faced problems in conceiving naturally Houston, The potential vulnerabilities of such a marketplace invite further exploration by consumer researchers.