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The female crew are obliged to undergo pregnancy tests and everyone has to take a drugs test. We had a lot of solo passengers on the world cruises and when they got lonely they'd chat with the crew.

Generally they were the older, retired types, but the bar staff and cleaners would think nothing of having sex with them for cash.

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They saw it as a way to top up their wages. Bar staff and cleaners would think nothing of having sex with the older passengers for cash Claire Sanders, cruise hairdresser On one world cruise in between the Cook Islands and Hawaii we were raided by the drug squad and immigration.

We were so shocked when the sniffer dogs came on board wie kann ich besser flirten immigration and the drug squad. We were even more amazed at the amount of cocaine they found and how many people were kicked off the boat. These were retired pensioners catching some winter sun!

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It helped me grow up. I got to see amazing places - and party too. Working on a cruise ship is a promiscuous lifestyle.

Ninety percent of them expect to take more cruises, and nearly 60 percent dream of taking a cruise some day.

The real action is below deck where staff hooked up all the time. There was often fancy dress parties in the crew bar, single passenger cruise rates hosted by single passenger cruise rates 'shoppies. The higher the rank, the better the cabin - so most girls wanted an officer regardless of their looks or marital status.

Many of the officers had wife single passenger cruise rates kids back home - but no one seemed to care. The married men on board often led double lives. Travelling the world on a ship you get used to different nationalities. When the Australians were on board the cruise was lively with late night drinking and dancing. They like their booze!

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They would clear the shop of alcohol. All cruise lines have sent their ships to China because they spend so much money. The passengers travel with large groups of family members. When one buys a bag all the family want one too. Rumour has it that the artificial plants outside the restaurant had to be removed. Some passengers would urinate on them. One passenger punched me on the bum as I was going up a flight of stairs.

She didn't know where the restaurant was and decided that was the best way to get my attention.

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I was speechless. There was often a death on board. On one ship we had a shop store room next to the freezer room where the bodies were stored. We called it the 'coffin locker'. The hedonistic lifestyle and days in the sun meant the newbies would single passenger cruise rates their way around the crew and passengers!

Mein Schiff 1

It was a given that married crew would get with one another. Lots of officers would move their mistresses into their cabin for the season.

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It was seedy but common. As the cruise photographer I got to see people at their worst. One passenger was constantly on my case complaining that my photos made him look fat and asking me to retake them for him.

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I got my own back though. The bar tender and I swapped it for a cheaper version when he wasn't looking.

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Once the wine waiter and I were in the cellar when we were caught in a hurricane. All of the stainless steel cabinets opened and most - but not all - of the bottles smashed.

TUI started cruise shipping operations intargeting predominantly the German-speaking market with a premium travel vacation product. Inthe old Schiff 1 was sold to Marella Cruises fka Thomson and transferred to the Marella's fleet in TUI Mein Schiff 1 cruise deals are ticket-price inclusive of: hour food and snacks on the ship over brand beverages and cocktails excepting premium brand alcohol facilities and entertainment for children and teens complimentary access to SPA's sauna area complimentary Gym and wellness courses onboard entertainment shows, concerts, theatrical and musical performances gratuities all onboard tips. All suites and family cabins have Xbox video gaming consoles. The largest cabins are the 2-deck Himmel-Meer Suites with private rooftop terraces.

As it was a luxury ship the breakages amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nobody could figure out exactly what was destroyed so they just wrote off the entire stock. It is tiring though.

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  • North Cape and Baltic Sea are very popular destinations, especially in the summer time.
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You work hour weeks with no days off for the entire contract. But every night was party night.

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The crew bars are so much more fun that the passenger ones. It was a good job: no rent to pay, no food costs and no tax either. I never had any money though it always went on partying! It happened to someone on the Panama Canal. God knows how they got home - I was just lucky enough to never get caught! The crew do sleep with the passengers - which is a no-no - but it happens.

My life has moved on.