Servlets und Probleme mit Threads

Singlethreadmodel servlet


    To handle the requests, the Servlet Developer must make adequate provisions for concurrent processing with multiple threads in the service method.

    singlethreadmodel servlet

    Although it is not recommended, an alternative for the Developer is to implement the SingleThreadModel interface which singlethreadmodel servlet the container to guarantee that there is only one request thread at a time in the service method. A servlet container may satisfy this requirement by serializing requests on a servlet, or by maintaining a pool of servlet instances.

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    If the servlet is part of a Web application that has been marked as distributable, the container may maintain a pool of servlet instances in each JVM that the application is distributed across. For servlets not implementing the SingleThreadModel interface, if the service method or methods such as doGet or doPost which are dispatched singlethreadmodel servlet the service method of the HttpServlet abstract class has been defined with the synchronized keyword, the servlet container cannot use singlethreadmodel servlet instance pool approach, but must serialize requests through it.

    It is strongly recommended that Developers not synchronize the service method or methods dispatched to it in singlethreadmodel servlet circumstances because of detrimental effects on performance".

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    Servlets are not thread safe and you have to synchronize your code manually what usually leads to esoteric implementations. Posted at.

    singlethreadmodel servlet