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The driver of a motor vehicle shall always drive his motor vehicle to the right EXCEPT when overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction and shall pass at a safe distance single passenger edsa mmda the left thereof, EXCEPT, that on a highway, within a business or residential district, having 2 or more lanes for the movement of traffic in one direction, the driver of a vehicle may overtake and pass another vehicle on the right.

On a highway having two or more lanes for the movement of traffic in one direction the driver of a slow moving vehicle shall drive to the right, while the driver of a fast moving motor vehicle to the left.

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In cases of an incoming emergency motor vehicle, the non-emergency vehicle shall immediately drive to the right to enable the former to overtake the latter. One must yield to emergency vehicles, pedestrians, trains, vehicles with right of way, vehicles ahead, large vehicles, uphill traffic, traffic within momentum, straight traffic, and traffic signs.

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Vehicles with physicians on emergency call b. An ambulance on emergency call c. Vehicle with wounded or sick person for emergency treatment.

Vehicles in pursuit of a criminal including a law enforcer overtaking of pursuing a traffic violence.

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A police or fire department vehicle on call. Vehicles should not be parked near or within intersection; b. On crosswalk or pedestrian lane c.

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Within 6 meters of the intersection of curb lines d. Within 4 meters of the drive-way entrance of any fire station, hospitals, clinic and others e.

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Within 4 meters of a fire hydrant f. In front of a private driveway g.

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Double parking or on the roadside of any vehicle stopped or parked h. On the sidewalks, paths, alleys not intended for parking i. At the foot of the bridge j.

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In general, the overtaking lane is the lane to the left of the overtaken vehicle going in the same direction. The overtaken vehicle is the burden vehicle. Before overtaking, consider these reminders a.

Signal the intention b. See to it that the overtaking single passenger edsa mmda is clearly visible and free of oncoming traffic for a sufficient distance ahead so that overtaking can be made safely c. And then maneuver at own risk to overtake and pass the other vehicle safely at a distance to the side of the overtaken vehicle when a lane is clear. Take note: a.

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  • Möblierte Wohnung, Mietwohnung in Gelnhausen | eBay Kleinanzeigen Single wohnung gelnhausen
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  • The Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group moves in on Monday to help manage traffic at choke points on the perennially congested belt highway.
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The vehicle being overtaken is the privilege vehicle. The driver keeps his lane, reduces of maintain speed and allows the overtaking vehicle to pass b.

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He shall not increase the speed until completely passes by the overtaking vehicle c. In an undivided two-way lane roadway, the overtaking vehicle passes at a safe distance to the left of the overtaken vehicle and shall not again drive to the right side of the highway until safety clear of the overtaken vehicle.

In an expressway with a single passenger edsa mmda and slow lane or in any divided roadway, a driver may overtake on either lane.

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The vehicle being overtaken running at a regulations speed on his lane is the privilege vehicle. The driver keeps his lane reduces or maintains speed, and allows overtaken vehicle to pass.

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The overtaking vehicle is the burden vehicle. The driver signals his intention, maneuvers at his own risk overtake, and passes the other vehicle safely when a lane is clear.

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Overtaking is prohibited at crest of a grade, curve, railway, crossing, intersection and between construction or caution. Buses queue up in a single file in their order of arrival b.