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Edition und Untersuchung des cpg Bibliotheca Germanica 39 Tübingen Literar- und kunsthistorische Einführung Codices illuminati medii aevi 49München Deutsche Judithdichtungen vom Neue Folge ISBN Table of contents.

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Bilingual Devotion. Digital facsimile of the manuscript as part of the Polonsky German project. Courtly Literature and Clerical Culture.

michael c hall dating history

Introduction and Table of Contents. Palmer Dichtung und Didaxe.

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Lehrhaftes Sprechen in der deutschen Literatur des MittelaltersBerlined. The full volume is accessible free of charge.

michael c hall dating history

The Sword of Judith. Judith Studies Across the Disciplines, ed.

Zoology Abstract Relationships among the major lineages of Mollusca have long been debated. Morphological studies have considered the rarely collected Monoplacophora Tryblidia to have several plesiomorphic molluscan traits. Phylogenomic studies have also strongly supported a clade including Gastropoda, Bivalvia, and Scaphopoda, but relationships among these taxa have been inconsistent. In order to resolve conchiferan relationships and improve understanding of early molluscan evolution, we carefully curated a high-quality data matrix and conducted phylogenomic analyses with broad taxon sampling including newly sequenced genomic data from the monoplacophoran Laevipilina antarctica. Whereas a partitioned maximum likelihood ML analysis using site-homogeneous models recovered Monoplacophora sister to Cephalopoda with moderate support, both ML and Bayesian inference BI analyses using mixture models recovered Monoplacophora sister to all other conchiferans with strong support.

Full text. View the Table of contents and read the introduction pre-print version.

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In Honour of Nigel F. Lehren, Lernen und Bilden.

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Anglo-German Colloquium, ed. Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen — Reviews.

Neuenhahn, ; reprinted in Angelelli [] pp. Göttingen; translation by H. Kaal in McGuinness [] pp. Gall and E. Kaal in McGuinness [] p.

Sermon von Ablass und Gnade — Reviews. Papers and Book Chapters Landschaftsdarstellung und Moraldidaxe.

Stockhammer Gelagepraktiken als materiell-diskursive Apparate.

Colloquium Exeterhg. Alan Robertshaw und Gerhard Wolf, Tübingenpp.

michael c hall dating history

Latein in der Stadt.